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Freelance Web Developer - Photo Restoration, photo retouching, photo enhancement services

Contact Freelance Web Developer Nikki Byrne - Web Wonder

Photo enhancing and many other editing techniques. Please view selection of my work shown below. If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me.

Photo Restoration

> Major Restoration

> Moderate Restoration

> Minor Restoration

Major photo restoration consists of repairing minor creases, removing minor blemishes, reconstructing missing areas and restoring tone.

I do not have set prices for restoration as photographs will be priced according to the level of detail to be adjusted.

Moderate Restoration

example of moderate photo before restoration

example of moderate photo after restoration

Web wonders photo editing service repairs or manipulate photos to your desired effect. Get rid of those unwanted scratches, repair rips or damaged areas basically bring old family photos back to life.

Photo alterations can consist of removing unwanted objects, or inserting an object in a photo, or perhaps you want your teeth whitened or eye colour changed. Any service contact me for advice and a free quote.